Another stupid design element

So, I figured out that it is possible to assign a rating to the links in your blogroll in WordPress. Trial and error soon revealed that 1 is high and 9 is low. I thought this would be a useful device to sort your links in order of preference. It works in the ‘Manage’ situation but the changes you make using the filter are not, then, reflected in your blogroll and there’s no way (at least it seems not) of saving the filtered order. Now, to me, that just doesn’t make sense – why would you want to go to the trouble of managing the order of your links in the ‘manage’ area without the option of transferring that order to your sidebar. Stupid! I’m beginning to think maybe I should start a new tag… (and I will)


One Response to Another stupid design element

  1. missbrodie says:

    Wow… this is so much where I need to be, and so much where I am not at! I haven’t a clue what this post is about, which goes to show how superficially I have used blogging tools so far. One day I want to come back and post a sensible comment here, but I’m just not capable yet!

    I’m interested in the way your relationship with technology comes across as being quite puzzle/game/solution oriented… some people seem to envisage technology as something they can wrest to their will, others see it as oppressive and alien. I remember how much I hated how restrictive my first blog felt, compared to a paper journal, how I wanted things to go wherever, not just where programming dictated. I wouldn’t have dreamt of trying to work out how to be more creative/efficient with it, though, because the frustration factor would kill me, whereas for other people, like my brother, actually, this would be fun and rewarding. Do you think personality types have a lot to do with technology take-up?

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