Another stupid design element

April 30, 2008

So, I figured out that it is possible to assign a rating to the links in your blogroll in WordPress. Trial and error soon revealed that 1 is high and 9 is low. I thought this would be a useful device to sort your links in order of preference. It works in the ‘Manage’ situation but the changes you make using the filter are not, then, reflected in your blogroll and there’s no way (at least it seems not) of saving the filtered order. Now, to me, that just doesn’t make sense – why would you want to go to the trouble of managing the order of your links in the ‘manage’ area without the option of transferring that order to your sidebar. Stupid! I’m beginning to think maybe I should start a new tag… (and I will)


Blogs make you think

April 30, 2008

I decided to create a secondary blog to generate a space where I can add my reflections on the use of blogging tools as part of my IC course. It’s more work, for sure (as if I didn’t have enough already) but I have thoughts to think around this activity and so needed somewhere to put them. This seemed as good a place as any.

A tool that does what I want, not what it wants!

I did begin a reflective blog elsewhere, in the ‘portfolio’ tool I’m evaluation but it drove me crazy… and through that, I started to think about what makes a blogging tool useful/interesting/acceptable to me:

  • aesthetics: it has to have the capacity to look attractive
  • visual: it has to be able to ‘go beyond text’
  • flexible: it has to allow me to put things where I want to put them
  • functional: it has to allow me to include the things I want
  • access: it has to be accessible no matter where I am
  • connections: it has to link easily to things that interest me
  • singularity: it has to ‘know’ what it is as a tool