Blogs make you think

April 30, 2008

I decided to create a secondary blog to generate a space where I can add my reflections on the use of blogging tools as part of my IC course. It’s more work, for sure (as if I didn’t have enough already) but I have thoughts to think around this activity and so needed somewhere to put them. This seemed as good a place as any.

A tool that does what I want, not what it wants!

I did begin a reflective blog elsewhere, in the ‘portfolio’ tool I’m evaluation but it drove me crazy… and through that, I started to think about what makes a blogging tool useful/interesting/acceptable to me:

  • aesthetics: it has to have the capacity to look attractive
  • visual: it has to be able to ‘go beyond text’
  • flexible: it has to allow me to put things where I want to put them
  • functional: it has to allow me to include the things I want
  • access: it has to be accessible no matter where I am
  • connections: it has to link easily to things that interest me
  • singularity: it has to ‘know’ what it is as a tool
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