Playing with the interface

May 6, 2008

I continue to find myself intrigued by the hosted WordPress interface and the machinations that go on ‘under the hood’ as it were. Using the drop down tabs again, I discovered a facility called the ‘tag surfer’ today. Made me laugh. Basically it’s a facility that allows you to link in to other posts which share the tags you use, on the premise that these will be of interest to you. All in all, as you might expect, it’s pretty much a hit and miss affair… I found the array of photographs from the Bellingham community blog (reflected in my ‘community’ tag) completely irrelevant to my own blogging interests but weirdly interesting. I do find the ways that WordPress offers features designed to get you to go beyond your own portal quite fascinating… I’m not quite sure why as yet. Need to think on that some more. Has something to do with audience, captive activity and time flying out of your hands!

Addendum… adding tags for this post… had me wondering what the automatic tag surfer was going to throw up… especially in response to ‘audience’ – *grin*