May 3, 2008

I’ve been trying for half an hour now to embed some audio into my WordPress hosted blog. I don’t want to upload my audio files to WordPress as I’d rather retain control over them, so I uploaded them to my own server. I am able to link to my WordPress blog but I can’t embed a media player on the blog page.

In order to upload audio files to your hosted WordPress blog, you need to purchase an upgrade… well, that’s not really the issue for me, because I just don’t want to host my audio on WordPress, I want to host it on my own server. They suggest that embedding is not possible because of security issues.

This is such a basic html activity, I can hardly believe it! It’s extremely frustrating, annoying and, if this is the kind of thing you want to do… it really accelerates your emotive interactions with the tool (and the developers beyond the interface).

Another alternative they propose is that you upload your audio to PodTech and embed the file using their embed code, much as you would with a YouTube video… that’s all very well, but again it does not give you the added security or privacy needs you might want when dealing with, for example, speech files. Grrr.