Blogging as dialogue is interesting

May 16, 2008

I received a comment on my last post from PodTech and it was quite interesting how this impacted on me. When I re-read the post I felt a bit guilty as it did quite ‘lay into’ PodTech a little bit and, actually, my grievance wasn’t even about them, it was about WordPress’s hosting setup and issues around the possibility of embedding audio in hosted blogs without subscribing.

In their comment, PodTech clarified that their service is essentially a kind of content-sharing site for commercial purposes rather than a site that hosts the content of individuals, so that was useful to know and also helped me to make more sense of the setup of the site, in that it’s more like a media channel than a hosting service. As a media channel, the layout isn’t, then, as ‘unruly’ as I suggested. *grin*

I also realised that I must have read WordPress’s commentary on audioblogging incorrectly as they can’t have suggested you ‘upload’ your audio as PodTech doesn’t offer that feature to general users. Just goes to show, you should read the small print more carefully before you rant and rave! *chuckle*

And, to be fair, on a revisit to PodTech, they do actually have some interesting content. I guess I got caught up in my rant and saw only what I wanted to see. There’s this interesting clip from the Scoble series, for example, on the Meosphere:

[podtech content=]

I really like the graphical meosphere, sounds pretty cool. I think I’m going to investigate this site a little bit more. The graphical element reminded me a lot of a cool book I read once about the interconnectivity of things and ways of mapping them: Total Interaction.

So, I almost feel like an apology is in order… you know, a bit like those you get in the physical media… sorry, we got it wrong… *wry grin* So, apologies, PodTech, you’re not the culprit and you’re not as ‘unruly’ as I thought at first glance.