YouTube Back Online

May 3, 2008

So, it appears YouTube has just gone back online. Interesting interlude. I’ve been collecting pics around the web for the last half-hour or so – makes for quite an amusing historiography of an online blip in service, not to mention the birth of the online myth.

No embedded movie from YouTube

Embedded YouTube video disappears from my site.

YouTube Outage

YouTube definitely offline.

YouTube outage

Fellow blogger Shane also puzzled.

CN reports YouTube down

CN reports on YouTube outage and suggests DNS issues.

YouTube outage

The beginning of an urban myth? Could it really be that Google forgot to renew the YouTube domain?

YouTube down

The discussion reaches Twitter.

YouTube DNS

Klaus tracks down the missing site using the DNS number.

YouTube back online

Just browsing and suddenly I notice that YouTube is back online and bearing the youtube URL once again. I check my ePortfolio blog just to be sure…

YouTube back online

And there it is, and so the story ends.